Kid's Sized Tackle

Our trips are super family friendly! We encourage groups and will be happy to use smaller gear for smaller customers. We can teach them how to catch safely.

Kite Fishing

When conditions allow, we will fly a single kite rig and give interested parties a shot at manning the gear, waiting for the Sailfish, Wahoo or Kingfish STRIKE!

Flat line Fishing

Super light line and invisible Flourocarbon are used to hook the easily spooked Yellowtail snappers off Islamorada, we do have the equipment and knowledge to teach you this art.


When conditions allow, we will set up two or more trolling rods while moving from spot to spot. Interested anglers can take turns being on watch for a strike!  pictured above is a King Mackerel caught by trolling.

You are welcome to bring your own gear, but we DO rent top of the line equipment for ONLY $5.

Bottom Fishing

We have top of the line bottom fishing gear for you on board. This is by far the most popular style of fishing and the best way to catch Red Grouper, Black Grouper, Margate, Sharks, Muttons, Vermillion Snappers and Lane Snappers.

Deep Sea Party Boat Fishing

Patch Fishing

Shallow water ( 10' - 20' ) grass / sand / rubble reef patches are an excellent place to find Mutton Snappers and Mangrove Snappers. We usually fish their at night.